Tartary Buckwheat

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Experience the extraordinary in every sip with our Tartary Buckwheat Herbal Infusion, carefully crafted from high-altitude regions, rich in selenium and brimming with unique qualities for your well-being.

Indulge in the essence of Shanxi’s pristine mountains, a refreshing blend that captures the purity and vitality of its environment, offering a moment of tranquility and rejuvenation in every cup.

This ancient grain-like seed has been cultivated for centuries and offers a range of health benefits and distinctive characteristics.



high altitude

rich soil

cool area


Growing Environment

Tartary buckwheat grows in the ancient northern nomadic regions of China, with a history of over 2,000 years.

It thrives in the Ten Li River Ecological Zone, and its cultivation base is situated in the second terrace zone of China. The primary soil type is yellow sandy soil, rich in minerals such as selenium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

This unique geographical environment not only provides the necessary conditions for the synthesis of tartary buckwheat flavonoids but also features a rare selenium-rich geological belt.

Yanmen Pass has been a gathering place for northern minority ethnic groups, including the Tartar ethnic group, since the Qin and Han dynasties.

Unveiling Tartary Buckwheat: An Ancient Crop and Culinary Heritage

According to records, “Tartary buckwheat” is an ancient, ecologically native crop, known as black buckwheat or black pearl due to its black outer shell.

Tartary (dá dá) is a broad ethnic term in ancient China with multiple meanings, primarily referring to the Mongols.

The earliest habitat of the Tartars was in today’s areas around Datong in Shanxi and Inner and Outer Mongolia, and Tartary buckwheat was their main source of plant-based food.

For your health

Tartary buckwheat, rich in selenium, absorbs high levels of this essential mineral, making it a valuable nutrient for human health.

Selenium supports immunity, antioxidants, DNA synthesis, thyroid & cognitive function, and protects against oxidative stress & diseases.

Selenium enhances thyroid and cognitive function, acts as a potent protector against oxidative stress, and can potentially reduce the risk of specific chronic diseases.

Including selenium-rich tartary buckwheat in diets empowers individuals with this essential mineral, enhancing overall well-being naturally.


Elevating Tea to a Sunlit Elixir: Exploring the Unique Qualities of Selenium-Rich Black Buckwheat

It’s not just tea

It is also a ray of sunlight. When brewed with warm water, it presents a golden tea, exuding the aroma of roasted grains.

Grown in a Selenium-Rich Geological Belt: Selenium is an essential trace element for the human body. The human body cannot synthesize selenium on its own; it primarily comes from the soil and can be obtained through plants. The selenium content in plants is related to the soil in which they grow. For the same type of food, the selenium content can vary by more than ten times in different selenium-rich soils.

Supercritical Process

Black buckwheat contains 3 to 5 times the amount of the flavonoid rutin compared to common buckwheat. By using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction, the content of flavonoids in buckwheat can be increased to over 70%. The low-temperature, circulatory extraction process takes 1 to 5 hours, preserving the bioactive substances in flavonoids to the maximum extent.

The right to food

The right to food, and its variations, is a human right protecting the right of people to feed themselves in dignity, implying that sufficient food is available, that people have the means to access it, and that it adequately meets the individual’s dietary needs.

Usage Method


Brew this tartary buckwheat tea with water at around 80 degrees Celsius and savor it when the tea transforms into a delightful golden hue. You’ll experience a rich, natural wheat flavor that’s truly satisfying.

Extra Tip:

The tartary buckwheat extracted through a supercritical low-temperature process can also be consumed directly for a convenient nutritional boost.

Ideal for Mental Well-Being:

This selenium-rich tartary buckwheat tea is an excellent choice for individuals frequently under stress, especially those engaged in mental work, to support their overall health.

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