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Discover the Ultimate Well-being Box – Nature and Vitality

Introducing a distinctive and thoughtful gift box featuring some interesting and useful selections from Fulmina Distri a specialist in natural health remedies and Fulmina Food, superfoods from around the world, two pillars of holistic well-being.

This curated collection contains five meticulously chosen products, each with its unique benefits to support daily health and maintain vitality. Every item in the box has been carefully selected for its natural properties and alignment with the principles of holistic health, ensuring that you or your loved ones receive a comprehensive approach to wellness.

From the rejuvenating power of Folium Isatidis to the strength-enhancing qualities of Tribulus Terrestris, and the nourishing effects of Dendrobium, Wild Black Wolfberry, and Tartary Buckwheat, this box is a treasure trove of nature’s best gifts for keeping healthy and energetic in everyday life. The box comes with a brochure detailing each product and their uses, along with the inspiring history behind each item.



Welcome to the World of Wellness at Fulmina

Discover a unique synergy with our special box, bringing together the treasures of Fulmina Distri and Fulmina Food. In this box, you will find a harmonious fusion of ancestral remedies and natural nutrition, each offering its specific benefits to enrich your health and wellness journey. The box comes with a brochure detailing each product and their uses, along with the inspiring history behind each item.

Fulmina Distri: Reviving Ancestral Remedies for Regeneration At Fulmina Distri, our passion lies in the revival of ancient remedies and practices. Each product is a nod to the past, a tool for modern well-being.

Fulmina Food: A Culinary Journey for Well-Being With Fulmina Food, embark on a global culinary adventure. Our selection of organic and traditional foods enriches your diet, contributing to your everyday health and vitality. The best of Superfoods.

The combination of these two worlds in a single box represents more than just a collection of products; it’s an invitation to a lifestyle where health and wellness are nourished by both ancient wisdom and contemporary nutrition. It’s a unique opportunity to benefit from the regenerative and revitalizing properties of Fulmina Distri’s remedies, while enjoying the richness and diversity of Fulmina Food’s natural foods.

Each product has been carefully selected for its alignment with the principles of natural and holistic well-being, ensuring an experience that nourishes the body, soothes the mind, and delights the heart.

By gifting this unique box, you share the essence of holistic living with your loved ones.

Give the gift of health and happiness – order the Ultimate Well-Being Gift Box today and spread the joy of holistic living!

What's inside ?


Embark on an adventure with Fulmina Distri’s carefully selected collection of natural remedies and rare extracts. In this box, we have included two natural remedies from Fulmina Distri, specifically chosen for their relevance in daily health support, enhancing vitality, and boosting the immune system.


Isatis indigotica (Indigo Woad/Dyer’s Woad) – Nature’s Immune Power – Organic Certified

Discover the leaves of Isatis indigotica, also known as Indigo Woad or Dyer’s Woad, an ancestral treasure transformed into a fine organic powder, easy to integrate into your daily routine. Originating from the rich lands of Asia, where it has been valued for centuries in traditional medicine, Isatis indigotica is renowned for its unique immune support properties.

This plant, used for generations as a natural remedy, plays a crucial role in fortifying the immune system. Its composition, rich in bioactive compounds, makes the Isatis indigotica leaf powder a valuable ally for those looking to strengthen their natural defenses, especially during seasonal changes or periods of stress.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris Powder (Puncture Vine/Goat’s-Head) – Pure Vitality and Energy – Organic Certified

Discover the power of Tribulus Terrestris powder, also known as Puncture Vine or Goat’s-Head, a central element in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia, renowned for its energizing and revitalizing action. Grown in diverse regions, from Mediterranean climates to arid zones, this robust plant is famous for its ability to boost the body’s natural energy.

The Tribulus Terrestris organic powder included in our box is valued for its ability to enhance vitality and endurance. This natural supplement is ideal for those looking to strengthen their physical performance and overall well-being. Rich in steroidal saponins, it is considered a natural booster, supporting stress management and maintaining a healthy hormonal balance.

Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine for its toning properties, Tribulus Terrestris powder is a perfect choice for those wishing to enrich their daily health routine with an effective and natural product. It is especially recommended during periods of fatigue or low energy, helping to naturally restore vitality and vigor.

Fulmina Food – Organic Functional SUPERFoods

Dive into the world of Fulmina Food, where superfoods from around the globe meet delicate treats and iconic foods from various cultures. Specializing in selecting the finest and most nutritious foods, Fulmina Food brings three exceptional products in this box, each representing the best of what nature has to offer.


Dendrobium officinale (Tiepi Shihu/Shihu) Powder – The Mountain Treasure for Health and Digestion

Discover Dendrobium officinale from our Authentic Herbal Infusion Collection, an ancient and precious remedy, revered for its exceptional health benefits. This superfood, famous for its presence in the Chinese medical classic “Dao Zang” of the Tang Dynasty, is considered the first of the nine Chinese immortal herbs.

Cultivated along the 31st parallel north, Dendrobium officinale draws its strength from the harsh environment of the majestic Dabie Mountains. This unique location, at the crossroads of the world, where Mount Everest meets the Mariana Trench and the pyramids, endows Dendrobium officinale with extraordinary qualities.

Rich in mucilages, Dendrobium officinale powder is a perfect natural solution for soothing and resting the digestive system. Consuming it upon waking or just before bedtime can help harmonize and revitalize the body, while providing gentle and effective digestive support.

Each intake of this ancient powder connects you to centuries of medicinal wisdom and the purity of distant mountains. Ideal for those looking to incorporate a natural element of health and well-being into their daily routine, Dendrobium officinale powder is a treasure both ancient and timeless for your health.

Wild Black Wolfberry

Wild Black Wolfberry (Black Goji Berry) – A Treasure of Vitality from the Heights of Qinghai

In the remote mountainous regions of Qinghai, at impressive altitudes of 2,000 to 3,000 meters, grows the Wild Black Wolfberry, also known as Black Goji Berry, a rare and potent variant of the Goji berry. This exceptional superfood, nestled in the heart of the arid Nuomuhong region, is surrounded by vast deserts, snow-capped peaks, and unforgiving alkaline soils. In this harsh environment, the Wild Black Wolfberry thrives, defying nature and offering unparalleled nutritional richness.

Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants: The black berries of this Goji are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and anthocyanins, contributing to optimal cellular protection and combating free radicals.

Immune System Support: Their essential nutrient content makes them a valuable ally in strengthening the immune system and promoting robust overall health.

Benefits for Eye Health: The anthocyanins, which give these berries their characteristic black color, are known for their beneficial effects on eye health.

Culinary and Medicinal Versatility: Wild Black Wolfberry can be consumed in dried form, as an infusion, or integrated into a variety of dishes and medicinal preparations.

The Wild Black Wolfberry (Black Goji Berry) is a tribute to the power of nature, a gift from distant and hostile regions, offering a treasure trove of health benefits. Its presence in our collection symbolizes our commitment to bringing you the best of nature, in its purest and most potent form.

tartary buckwheat

Tartary Buckwheat – A New Authentic and Comforting Infusion Experience

Explore the world of infusions with our organic Tartary Buckwheat, a unique discovery from our Authentic Herbal Infusion Collection, roasted and organic. This special buckwheat offers a novel and comforting experience, perfect for those looking to diversify their flavor palette and health benefits.

Carefully grown in high-altitude regions, Tartary Buckwheat is rich in selenium and brimming with unique qualities for your well-being. It has its roots in ancient northern nomadic regions, thriving in high-altitude areas where the soil is rich and the climate cool, a tradition that has continued for over two millennia.

Nutritious Buckwheat: Tartary Buckwheat is packed with essential nutrients, providing natural support for your body.

Warm and Flavorful Infusion: Its roasting process gives the infusion a warm note and a pleasant aroma, ideal for a relaxing break or starting your day right.

A Rich Heritage: This variety of buckwheat is steeped in a long history, reflecting the culinary and medicinal practices of ancient cultures. Experiencing the infusion of Tartary Buckwheat is to embrace a new way of connecting with ancient traditions while enjoying its health benefits. Each cup is a journey into the world of authentic flavors and a tribute to traditional wellness methods.

Learn More About Us

Fulmina Food: A Culinary Journey for Well-Being

Fulmina Food invites you on an exceptional journey around the world, an exploration of authentic flavors and ancestral culinary traditions. Our mission is to select the very best from various countries to offer you a unique and enriching taste experience. And soon, you will discover an entire new range of products in preparation, designed to further broaden your culinary horizons.

At Fulmina Food, we firmly believe that food in its most traditional and natural form is essential for our well-being. Access to healthy and flavorful food is not just a choice, it’s a fundamental right. That’s why we have gathered a selection of foods that not only delight your taste buds but also significantly contribute to your daily health and vitality.

Our products are a tribute to global culinary diversity and a cornerstone of your well-being. By joining our taste adventure, you nourish your body and revive your soul.

Stay tuned: our range will soon be enriched with new culinary discoveries, continuing to surprise you and enrich your experience with Fulmina Food.

Fulmina Distri: Reviving Ancestral Remedies for Regeneration

In the Words of Fulmina Distri: Their Vision, Their Mission

At Fulmina Distri, we are passionate about rediscovering and revitalizing ancestral remedies, elixirs, and practices that have supported health and well-being throughout the ages. Our mission is to reconnect you with these forgotten treasures of natural medicine, focusing on the regeneration and revitalization of both body and mind.

We believe that the wisdom of the past holds the keys to healthy living in the present. That’s why we travel the globe to find authentic traditional remedies, natural extracts, and unique formulas that have stood the test of time. Our rigorous selection of products is dedicated to cellular regeneration, enhancing vitality, and promoting inner balance.

By incorporating Fulmina Distri’s remedies into your daily routine, you do more than just add a product to your life; you embrace a timeless health and wellness philosophy.

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