Medicine and food come from the same source

“Medicine and food come from the same source” is a precious concept in traditional Chinese medicine that emphasizes the common origin of medicine and food. It highlights the close connection and interactive relationship between medicine and food, reflecting the significant understanding of the therapeutic and nourishing roles of food in traditional Chinese medicine.

According to the theories of traditional Chinese medicine, both medicine and food can exert influences on the human body, adjusting physiological conditions such as the balance of yin and yang and the circulation of qi and blood. Under this concept, many foods are considered to have medicinal value, playing a preventive and regulatory role in daily diet. Additionally, certain herbs and medicines are often integrated into dietary practices to enhance their therapeutic effects.

The concept of “Medicine and food come from the same source” emphasizes the medicinal properties of food and underscores the importance of using dietary practices for body regulation and disease prevention. This aligns with some concepts in modern nutrition, emphasizing the maintenance of health through food. The concept is deeply rooted in traditional Chinese culture and dietary practices, reflecting a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of nature, food, and health.

Food carries a vital “qi” and embodies local weather elements, including seasonal influences like sunlight, air, and temperature. The concept of “Earth atmosphere” (earthly qi) is equally significant, as soil composition and irrigation water source affect the taste and medicinal properties of food. Apart from absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, food also possesses its own vital energy. In addition to the tangible material energy in food, there is also intangible energy, and we observe that each food has different ways of consumption and varied cooking times, emphasizing the crucial role of preserving its energy essence, including flavor.

In our selection from the ancient lands of the East, we choose ingredients such as mature dendrobium, Damascus roses irrigated with snow water, wild black wolfberries, and ginger tea crafted by a family with a long-standing tradition in medicinal practices. Each cup contains natural herbal essence or is rich in antioxidant substances (wild black wolfberries).

The Fulmina Food team is dedicated to supporting small-scale producers and innovating various forms of energy foods and technology-integrated anti-aging medicinal and dietary products.

Unleash the transformative potential of our organic, ancestral, and functional foods. Experience their profound impact on nourishing the body, preventing chronic diseases, and supporting small-scale producers. Embrace the wisdom of ancient traditions, utilizing the therapeutic characteristics of food as potent remedies. Immerse yourself in the belief that your menu is the key to your health, guided by the timeless wisdom of Hippocrates: certain diseases can be cured through the right dietary choices.



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