Zucchini Greyzini

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This “Grisette de Provence” is consumed young. White flesh, fine, very tender, excellent… Do not overcook it so that it remains a bit crunchy. Mid-early. Remarkable yield.

Sowing: April to June, until mid-July in the south

15 seeds approximately

The importance of Heirloom Seeds
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Zucchini Greyzini – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April to June, until mid-July in the south

Harvest: end of June to September

Sowing is sensitive to temperature drops! You can sow courgette seeds in the ground around mid-May, after the frosts. Prepare well loosened soil, and after enriching it with manure or compost, every 1 m dig a hole 2 cm deep, sow 2-3 seeds in each hole, lightly cover with soil. Water in fine rain. Keep moist until the first leaves appear about 10 days later. Avoid watering the foliage so as not to create too much humidity responsible for powdery mildew (fungi). You can advance your crop by sowing in April, no more than 2 to 3 weeks before transplanting, in pots of potting soil 1/3 manure or compost, 2 to 3 seeds per pot, keep at 18-20° minimum. Remember to mulch to keep the soil moist and space out weeding. Harvest as needed at mid-maturity. Zucchini that is too advanced is fibrous and has less flavor. In summer, they grow quickly, go and see every 2 days!

about 15 seeds