Cyclanthera squash

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This squash is an annual climbing plant that can reach up to 5 m in height. Its fruits are pale green in color, fleshy like a pepper. You can eat them raw, its taste is similar to that of cucumber with a note of fresh beans. Excellent smooth and sweet flavor when pan-fried with onions, cooked like peppers, or stuffed. From the month of July, the plant is covered with small fruits that are between 5 and 20 cm depending on the variety. (About 50-100 fruits per plant). You can also pick the fruits as soon as they reach the size of an olive, confit them in vinegar like gherkins.

Sowing: April to May

15 seeds approx

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Cyclanthera squash – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April to May

Harvest: September to October

Cyclanthera prefers light soil rich in compost , even if it adapts to any type of soil. It is a fairly large climbing plant, it needs a support to grow, you can plant it at the foot of a pergola, the Cyclanthere likes a sunny position. For watering, it tolerates small droughts, but like all plants, if the watering is copious, the harvest will be too. The Cyclanthera is a frost-resistant plant, wait until there is no more frost to plant them in the garden. Sow in the ground From the month of May, place 2 or 3 seeds in a pocket, directly in the ground, cover lightly, water, ideally soak upstream for 2 or 3 hours the seeds before sowing them. You can put a bell on your seedling, it will increase the heat of the soil, and accelerate germination.< /span> When g raines germinate leave only one plant per hole. Respect one meter distance between Cyclanthera plants. Sow in pots under shelters In April in greenhouses or heated frames (15 to 25° C) day and night, sow your seeds in pockets of 2 or 3 seeds in pots filled with potting soil and 1/3 of mature compost (or manure). Make sure to keep moist until germination (3 to 8 days). Keep only the most beautiful plant per bucket. For the final planting, favor a sunny exposure, you can harden off the plants by taking them out of their shelter during the day, a few days before planting.

15 seeds approximately

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