The importance of Heirloom Seeds or Seeds of Ancient Varieties

Seeds are the memory of nature.

What is a seed? It is a small living program that contains in memory all the information accumulated since time immemorial. It is also the food to come for millennia and the generations that will succeed us.

Plant species are the foundation of life on Earth, without them, we could not survive.

They constitute the common heritage of humanity and one of its most precious assets, indispensable for the survival of species.

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Did you know?

Ancient peoples consumed over 3000 edible plant species.

“More than 500 vegetables were still part of the daily menu of our region’s populations 150 years ago.

Today, only a few dozen varieties have survived the standardization brought about by the agri-food industry, and we are witnessing a generalized impoverishment of our food and our environment.

75% of edible varieties cultivated at the beginning of the 20th century have disappeared!

Every day, 100 species disappear from the planet, due to erosion, desertification, and industrial farming methods.

Scientists estimate that this situation is dreadful for the future of humanity because at this rate, we will have lost 3/4 of living species before the end of the 21st century.

Modern fruits and vegetables no longer nourish us properly!

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were still a thousand varieties of apples in Europe before orchards were 80% colonized by the Golden variety. Yet comparative analyses show that these contain 100 times less vitamin C than other ancient varieties.

This loss of diversity also constitutes a general impoverishment of our diet, the consequences of which on health are undeniable.

Why sow seeds of ancient varieties?

Sowing seeds of ancient vegetable varieties is something very special!

It is fulfilling a mission by participating in the preservation of magnificent varieties in danger of disappearing.

In addition to having the pleasure and privilege of tasting flavorful varieties that you will not find on market stalls, you will sow varieties that allow for the reintroduction of biodiversity across the territory for future generations!

Plants of ancient varieties that grow from these seeds, rich in endophytes (the plant equivalent of the human microbiome), contribute to maintaining soil life and fertility.

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