Yellow Beet Ovoid Bars

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Local variety of the Centre-Val de Loire Region

Very old variety of beet with yellow skin and white flesh, rounded at the ends. Formerly fodder, it is appreciated by cooks: slightly sweet, taste more subtle than red, very crunchy texture. Obtained in 1853 by M. Vilmorin on the Domaine des Barres in the Loiret from the Yellow variety of Germany. Due to its qualities, it became one of the most cultivated fodder beets in France and abroad from the end of the 19th century. A time disappeared from France, it was found in Quebec. We participate in its preservation and reproduction by uniting our efforts with those of the URGC (Union of Genetic Resources of the Region Centre), the purpose of which is to save vegetable varieties and old endangered animal breeds.

Sowing: April to July

150 seeds approximately

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Yellow Beet Ovoid Bars – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April to July

Harvest: July to November (until the first frosts)

Direct sowing in the ground. Wait until the soil warms up in late April for regular germination. Beets like potash-rich soils: once a year add 1 handful of ash/m2 to your soil. Make furrows with a shovel in the ground, 2cm deep, space the furrows 30cm apart. Sow a cluster (contains several seeds) every 20 cm. Water the bottom of the furrow, if it is dry during sowing. Cover lightly with soil. Tamp down with the back of the rake and water well. Thin 1 1/2 months later, when the plants are 4 or 5 leaves, keep only one vigorous plant every 25cm. Maintenance: hoe and weed until harvest. In case of high summer heat, water regularly so that the roots do not become hard and fibrous. Remember to mulch to keep the soil moist and space out weeding. Harvest as needed: gently lift with a spade fork and pull at the base of the leaves. Harvest them before frost because they are sensitive to it. It keeps well in the ground, throughout the winter.

150 seeds approximately

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