Winter Round Black Radish

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Very old variety of Winter Radish described by Vilmorin & Andrieux in 1885. Black, round root, with rapid growth. Its white flesh is very firm and very fragrant. Frost resistant. Very good conservation.

Sowing: June to August

400 seeds approximately

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Winter Round Black Radish – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: June to August

Harvest: October to November

Sow preferably in the ground from June to July, make lines with the handle of your 2 cm deep rake, distribute the seeds evenly, cover with 1 cm of crumbled compost, close the furrow with the rake, pack lightly, water abundantly with the head of the watering can. Thin out when the plans have 2 true leaves, remove the weakest plants and keep a plant every 25/30 cm. Remember to mulch to keep the soil moist and space out weeding. Soil maintenance: we are satisfied with a few regular hoeing and weeding. Watering: Water regularly so your radishes don’t get too pungent! Harvest: between October and November.

400 seeds approximately

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