Tomato Queen of Sainte Marthe

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Productive, fruits from 150 to 250 gr. French variety found at the Farm-Conservatory of a Thousand Ancient Varieties in Sainte Marthe in Sologne. It is a magnificent fruit with dense, juicy, sweet and very fragrant flesh. The fruit is heavy, round, very red and regular in shape. Perfectly indicated for making stuffed tomatoes.

Sowing: March-April

Approximately 50 seeds

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Tomato Queen of Sainte Marthe – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: March-April

Transplanting: after the frosts

Harvest: July to September, even October

Tomatoes are chilly! Exhibition: Tomatoes are native to South America…and their genes remember it! Give them the sunniest spot in your garden. Sowing: Start your sowing in a small terrine from March / April (15/20° night and day) in seed compost, cover your seeds by 0.5 cm, pack gently and keep moist. Transplant your seedlings when they are 5 cm, in buckets with 1/3 compost or compost, bury up to the first leaves. After the Ice Saints, plant your tomato plants as soon as they have reached 15 cm, bury them up to the first leaves in the ground in a hole with manure, compost or a few leaves nettle if necessary, install your stakes spaced 70 cm apart. Water abundantly the first 3 days, stop the following 15 days then water regularly. Remember to mulch! this will make it much easier to keep the soil moist and space out weeding. Diseases that can affect tomatoes: downy mildew (do not water the leaves and remove those that touch the ground). Plant basil between your tomato plants, they help each other…

50 seeds approximately


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