Guernsey half-long parsnip

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A very old variety originating in England, this turnip which is not a turnip is making a comeback on the markets after having disappeared for 2 centuries.

This large, fleshy white root is 3 times larger than a carrot. Its taste is sweet and aromatic.

It goes admirably well with other vegetables, in soups or in a stew, to which it gives a delicate flavor. It resists to frost and is extremely productive and easy to keep.

Sowing: March to June, then end of September in mild climates.

400 seeds approx

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Guernsey half-long parsnip – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: March to June, then end of September in mild climates.

Harvest: November to May.

In the south, humidity being necessary for germination, we sow in September-October, and harvest in March-April Sowing: directly in the ground from March to June. It is grown much like the carrot. In well loosened soil at depth. Draw furrows 1cm deep spaced 40cm apart. Spread the seeds evenly and cover with very little soil, tamp down with the back of the rake. Water in fine rain. Keep the soil moist until the first leaves appear. Thin when the plants have 3 or 4 leaves, keep the most vigorous parsnips, every 15/20 cm. Harvest: parsnips sown from February to April will be harvested in the fall and parsnips sown later in the winter or spring. You can harvest them as needed. Parsnips are hardy and don’t need protection during the winter. If the ground is in danger of freezing and you’re worried you won’t be able to harvest them, pull them up on a nice sunny day in November and keep them in a box filled with sand.

400 seeds approximately

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