Eggplant from Barbantane

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Early and robust variety. Very productive (8 to 10 fruits/plant). Old variety originating from France, cultivated since the 19th century. Purple and glossy elongated fruits. It ripens well in regions where the summer is not very hot.

Sowing: March to April

50 seeds approximately

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Eggplant from Barbantane – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: March to April

Transplanting: end of May

Harvest: August to September

Eggplants are chilly! Sowing is done hot (15/20° night and day) in a terrine from March-April. The seeds are not very buried and are covered with a thin layer of compost. Tamp down, water in a fine rain, keep moist. First transplant when the plants have 2 true leaves (plus cotyledons) in pots with 1/3 manure potting soil. Harden them off in the open air little by little, during the hottest hours of the day before the final planting. Plant after the St de Glace your plants in the ground in a hole with manure or a few nettle leaves if necessary, when they have reached 15 cm. Distance: every 50 cm. North of the Loire, cover with a plastic tunnel until early July. Water regularly, remove the secondary branches forming at the foot and put a stake. Recommended pruning: cut the branches after the first leaf following a flower, keep only 8 flowers per plant. Support growth with nettle manure then comfrey as soon as it flowers. Type of soil: rich in humus, add well-matured compost. Eggplants are similar to green beans which protect them against Colorado beetles, peas, tarragon, thyme. Harvest: when they are well colored and supple to the touch without being soft.

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