Dill Tetra Gold

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Originally from Asia Minor, Dill was already consumed by the Egyptians 5000 years ago, as well as by the Romans for its benefits on vitality. It produces many more aromatic leaves than the ordinary variety. Flavor fish dishes and canned pickles etc.

Organic seeds are used in infusion, liqueurs and jams.

Sowing: April – May

Approximately 200 seeds

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Dill Tetra Gold – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April – May

Harvest: June to November

Dill likes heat and sun! Dill likes dry soil (adapts to arid soil), and well ventilated. Sow directly in the ground in April-May. Draw furrows 1-2 cm deep. max. and 25 cm apart. Spread the seeds at the bottom, spacing them 5 cm apart, close, pack with the back of the rake and water in a fine rain. Keep moist until the first leaves appear, approx. 15 days later. Lighten up when plans are approx. 10 cm high, keep a plane every 25 cm (the strongest). Weed, hoe when necessary. Water when the soil is dry to prevent it from bolting too quickly. Harvest leaves as needed. They have the most flavor at the time of flowering. Sow dill several weeks apart for longevity. Collecting seeds: in September, when the flowers have turned brown, cut them, let them dry in a ventilated place and then extract the seeds. Culture in pots: sow several seeds spaced 1/2 cm apart, in a soil-potting mix. As soon as the plants have leaves, keep 1 plant/pot.

200 seeds approximately

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