Cappuccio Fat Lettuce

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Fall and Winter Lettuce very tight, tender and crunchy apple.

Seedlings of spring: late February to late April

Sowing late summer early autumn: mid-July to mid-September

500 seeds approximately

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Cappuccio Fat Lettuce – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Spring sowing: late February to late April

Late summer early autumn sowing: mid-July to mid-September

Harvest: about 2 months later sowing

Sowing under shelter is done between 12 to 15°C in a terrine from the end of February/March, the seeds are slightly buried and covered with a thin layer of compost. Tamp down, water with a fine rain, keep moist. First transplant when the plants have 2 true leaves (plus the cotyledons) in pots with seed compost. Harden them in the open air little by little, before final planting. Plant 3 weeks to 1 month after sowing, when the plants have 4-5 leaves, all the 25, 30 cm without burying the base of the leaves, in a sunny position, in a soil fed once a year with homemade compost. Direct sowing in the ground: in a line in a furrow or broadcast, cover lightly with soil and tamp down with the back of the rake. Thin the plants as soon as they have 3 or 4 leaves, keep the most beautiful ones Water regularly and copiously to avoid wilting and bolting, remember to mulch in case of drought . Harvest: Cut the lettuce close to the ground when the “head” is well formed. Harvest in the cool of the morning: the leaves will be firmer. Type of soil: does not require any particular soil Pests: snails and slugs

500 seeds approximately

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