Bright Light pear

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Magnificent and very decorative vegetable in the vegetable garden!

Large veined shiny green foliage with highly developed yellow, pink, red, orange and white ribs.

Eat cooked , with juice or bechamel sauce, and in a gratin.

Sowing: April to May

200 seeds approximately

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Bright Light pear – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April to May

Harvest: May to August

Sowing: in the ground, wait for the soil to warm up, end of April , for regular germination. Perries like soil rich in potash, once a year add 1 handful of ash/m2 to your soil. Make furrows with a shovel in the ground , 2 cm deep, sow in pockets of 3-4 seeds, spaced 40 cm apart. Cover with 1 cm of crumbled earth, pack with the back of the rake and water abundantly in fine rain. Keep well moist until the first leaves appear. Pears like cool, deep, rich soil (compost).

Thin out when the plants have 4-5 leaves, and keep them the most vigorous plants, you can replant excess plants in your flower beds.

Think of mulching to keep the soil moist or water regularly.

Harvest from July the chard as you need it, starting with those located on the outskirts, break them at ground level, and this until frost .

Pests: slugs and snails. Bring carrots, turnips, dwarf beans and away from leeks.

200 seeds approximately

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