Boule d’Or yellow turnip

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Very old variety originating in Europe, highly esteemed in Scotland and in the north of England.

Its flesh is firm, sweet and very fragrant. Raw, young turnips can be eaten grated and cooked in hotpots, soups, gratins, steamed vegetables (accompanied by leeks, carrots, rutabagas and parsnips).

Sowing: can be sown throughout the year.

About 400 seeds

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Boule d’Or yellow turnip – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: can be sown all year round.

Harvest: in spring and autumn

Sowing: in the ground, in July-August. Make lines with the handle of your rake 2 cm deep, spaced 25 cm apart. Distribute the seeds evenly. Cover with 1 cm of crumbled compost, close the furrow with the rake, tamp down, water abundantly with the head of the watering can. Twenty days later, when the plants have 2 true leaves, remove the stunted plants and keep a plant every 10 to 20 cm. Water to maintain freshness and repel flea beetles. Remember to mulch to keep the soil moist and space out weeding. Harvest: lift them with a spade fork then pull gently on the base of the leaves. Conservation: let them dry on the ground for a day, cut the leaves ½ cm above the root, place them if possible in a crate filled with sand that you will store in a cool, ventilated place. Soil: it grows well everywhere provided the soil is a little moist and well loosened in depth (remove pebbles, roots, weeds and break up clods before sowing). Pest: flea beetles

400 seeds approximately

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