Big yellow leek from Poitou

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Early variety with a large short white stem and wide, long blond leaves, with an excellent taste. Excellent leek for the first harvests from the beginning of autumn (not very resistant to cold). The large yellow leek from Poitou is an early variety with a large bole, short and white and blond green leaves, ample and long, of excellent taste quality. This variety is ideal for an autumn harvest. The large yellow leek from Poitou does not always tolerate harsh winters.

Sowing: January to March

500 seeds approximately

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Big yellow leek from Poitou – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: January to March

Harvest: August to November

Slow growing plant and delicate germination. It is better to germinate seedlings in a nursery (= place in the garden sheltered from the wind, for example by a wall, and well exposed). Sow your seeds on the fly, cover with 1/2 cm, cover and tamp lightly with the back of the rake, water in a fine rain. Keep seedlings moist until leaves appear, which can take up to 3 weeks. Reprick the most vigorous ones as soon as they are the diameter of a pencil in the ground every 15 cm, on well worked soil and enriched with mature compost. Watering: When necessary To obtain a good barrel white, as long as possible, ridge the leeks (raise the earth in a small mound at the foot) 1 month after transplanting. Harvest: 90 to 120 days after transplanting. Disease: susceptible to aphids, rust and leek worm. (NB it’s good worm and not worms) This variety is not suitable for growing in pots or trays, or it would require a depth of 50 cm…

about 500 seeds

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