Basil Thyme

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This Basil, to which a sweet scent of thyme is added to the taste of basil, is very aromatic. It is an annual plant in our latitudes (it is perennial in the tropics). The leaves are pale green, quite small, elliptical and slightly toothed. The flowers are white. This variety tolerates drought well.

Sowing: March to May

250 seeds approximately

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Basil Thyme – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: March to May

Harvest: June to October

Basil is sensitive to the cold, it cannot withstand frost! You can grow it in full soil or in a pot. It needs heat, but not necessarily direct sunlight. Sow in spring 3 seeds per cup filled with a mixture of special sowing soil, cover with 0.5 cm of soil and keep moist until emergence. Keep them in a warm corner of the house, at 20°-25°. When the plants have reached 5 cm you can replant them in a larger pot or replant them in the garden, not before the end of May! The basil root ball should not dry out but not be flooded. When the plant flowers, it no longer forms new leaves and its flavor deteriorates, so the flowers must be removed quickly, unless you want to collect seeds. Leaf harvest: Cut just above a leaf start. Do not cut too many leaves at the same time, it will suffocate the plant. Planted under the feet of tomatoes, it will protect them from certain parasites and improve their taste, keeping them away from the Rue.

about 250 seeds

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