Autan Dwarf Bean

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“Fin de Bagnol” type, old variety dating from the 19th century, originating in France.

Its very fine and cordless pods can be harvested in a staggered fashion, and even late.

Good taste. Can be frozen.

Sowing: April to July

80 grams


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Autan Dwarf Bean – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: April to July

Harvest: July to October

Beans need heat to germinate! Sowing in the ground:</ strong> It is sown from the beginning of April in the south, from the end of April in the west, from mid-May in the other regions. When frosts are no longer to be feared. Soak the seeds in water (preferably rain) at room temperature the day before sowing. It needs warm soil to germinate (12°C mini). Dig furrows 2-3 cm deep in a sunny position along a string line, water the bottom and sow 1 seed every 3-4 cm, or sow in pockets (4- 5 seeds in staggered rows every 40 cm). Close the furrow and tamp with the back of the rake. Water in fine rain. 15 days after emergence, when the plants are 15 cm tall, hoe, weed and form a small mound of soil at the base of the stalk rising to the first 2 leaves. You can stagger your sowing every 15 days until the end of July so as to always have very tender beans. Water regularly especially during the flowering period. Harvest: Pick the green beans every 2-3 days to eat them very tender. Pick them just before preparing them if possible. Autan Beans freeze well. Beans are a plant that improves the composition of the soil after cultivation by increasing its nitrogen content.

80 grams

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