Armenian cucumber

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Rare variety, known in Armenia. Very crispy, with striated ribs, length varying between 40 and 80cm and 5-10cm in diameter. Sweet flavor without bitterness.

Sowing: March to May

15 seeds approximately

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Armenian cucumber – Heirloom Seeds / Rare seeds

Sowing: March to May

Transplanting: after frost

Harvest: July to September

Direct sowing in the ground around mid-May, after the frosts. Prepare a well loosened soil and after enriching it with manure or compost, dig a hole 2 cm deep every 70 cm, sow 2-3 seeds in each hole, lightly cover with soil . Water in fine rain. Keep moist until the first leaves appear about 10 days later. Prune your plants above 3 to 4 leaves. Each flower will give a fruit. Avoid watering the foliage to avoid creating too much humidity responsible for powdery mildew (fungi). You can advance your crop by sowing in April, no more than 2 to 3 weeks before transplanting, in pots of soil 1/3 of manure or compost, 2 to 3 seeds per pot, keep at 15-20° minimum day and night. When there are 4 leaves you can transplant them in the ground, keep only the most beautiful plants. Water regularly without spraying the leaves so as not to create too much humidity responsible for powdery mildew (fungus). Prune to the 2nd leaf as soon as it has 4, it will ramify, then prune each ramification again to the 4th or 5th leaf. Keep only 4 cucumbers per branch, prune the branch above the leaf above the fruit. The harvest is done as it matures (don’t wait too long). Type of disease to fear: powdery mildew Bring them to radishes which protect them from certain insects, corn, beans, peas, lettuce and cabbage. Onions stimulate their growth. Stay away from potatoes, tomatoes and sage.

about 15 seeds

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