Choose an ethical and quality approach while choosing your Heirloom Seeds

All the heirloom Seeds (seeds of ancient varieties) that we offer come from a family farm (one of the pioneers in the field of organic farming) that has celebrated its 100 years of existence and 50 years of organic production and preservation of ancient seed varieties by the Conservatory of Heirloom Seeds.

In total, more than 1840 rustic and delicious vegetable varieties are reproduced and carefully preserved.

All saved varieties are reproduced on site, in small seed gardens. Only very fragile varieties are reproduced under greenhouse.

The seed collection

The farm where the seeds of ancient varieties are reproduced is a stronghold of organic farming for more than 50 years and gathers and preserves a multitude of traditional vegetable seeds. When this approach began and the varieties cultivated by the ancients were recorded, it was found that they had all disappeared, replaced by modern varieties oriented towards quantity produced, to the detriment of quality, incompatible with a resilient agroecological agriculture concerned with ensuring food autonomy. Thanks to the endophytes they contain, plants of ancient varieties – capture nutrients present in the soil better, – are more resistant to drought, – have taste, and a much higher nutritional value than modern varieties! This agricultural domain, which has been passed down from generation to generation within the same family for 100 years, is also a place of study and demonstration of agroecological agriculture.

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